Soldier's pay book, No. 2146, 16 February 1917-15 October 1918, with statement of account for pay and allowances, 17 December 1915-19 May 1919 - Page 2

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[Page 2]

[Printed page with handwritten notation.]


9 Platoon

1. This Pay Book must be produced on demand.

2. When any pay is drawn a receipt must be given by the solider on an Acquittance Roll and the Officer paying will enter the amount and sign on the "Cash Payments"  page of this pay book. The Pay Book No.  and the Cash Payments No. must be shown on the Acquittance Roll against the payment.

3. All debits other than pay must be entered and signed by an authorised Officer on the "Cash Payments" page.

4. Forfeitures of pay must be calculated at full rates, less deferred, and entered   on the "Cash Payments" page.

5. No entries will be made in this book by the person to whom it is issued, except to sign on pages 2 and 4, and to make a Will, if so desired, on page 19.

6. If this pay book is lost, the fact should be reported AT ONCE through the O.C. to the Staff Paymaster, A.I.F., London, who will issue a duplicate pay book. No pay can be issued (until final settlement takes place) in respect of the period before the date of reporting the loss.

7. IMPORTANT.  €“ In every case when payment is made to men "In the Field" these three words will be the [only entry made in the column headed "Place".]

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