Item 02: James William Dains diary, 25 June 1917-2 March 1918 - Page 24

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rather knocked me out & I was very shaky through the parade. [indecipherable] "Fiery Furnace" a sermon on anniversary of the war. 7.30 If the [indecipherable] The Russians are still in full retreat and their position looks absolutely hopeless.Kerensky who took their affairs in hand has been compelled to resign but on the assurance of the confidence of all parties has undertaken to form a government. Their troops have evacuated all of Gallicia & the Rumanians are in danger of being cut off.

Tuesday Aug 8th
I went into St Ouen this afternoon. I had been there before. It is one of Frances fine Northern towns.

Today is Wednesday
We are busy getting ready for a move tomorrow

Wednesday Thursday 9th
We left Lantappe this

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