Scott diary, 23 October 1917-27 May 1918 with letter 5 November 1918 re experiences in France and the Battle of Amiens, 8 August 1918 / John Philipson Scott - Page 16

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and at times we had to stop as we were getting in front of our fire.
Oh the wonderfulness of the organization of the British attack simply knocked all words of praise out of one. You could simply feel it – it permeated the whole atmosphere and was splendid. One rejoiced in it exceedingly & what a difference between it and the fall back in March & April when there was nothing behind one and all felt then was lack and disorganization.
There were tanks to each Battalion and they just [indecipherable] on through barbed wire entanglements and made poor Fritzy feel blue I guess. The aeroplanes were just thick like flocks of birds & they signalled to the artillery to length range as we went on. They kept dropping ammunition to us as we progressed & food was sent the same way if required.

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