Scott diary, 23 October 1917-27 May 1918 with letter 5 November 1918 re experiences in France and the Battle of Amiens, 8 August 1918 / John Philipson Scott - Page 15

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Every man was dished up with 220 rounds of am'n, second water bottle, rations for 4 days - it was rumoured we were advancing to Peronne. Two mills bombs two smoke bombs, 5 sand bags and a few sundry other things. This is the time when you throw everything away soap towel anything possible to lighten your burdens.
Blankets- each man had one- taken away - puttees taken off handed in and sandbags wrapped round our legs.
The padres go round and say a few words and prayers over you - and your O/C reads instructions what you are to do, when you start, a certain time after zero - nobody ever knows what zero time is – the objective you take - the time you have to take it in and by. Repeats some bunkum

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