Scott diary, 23 October 1917-27 May 1918 with letter 5 November 1918 re experiences in France and the Battle of Amiens, 8 August 1918 / John Philipson Scott - Page 12

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numbers of prisoners, guns, machine guns, motors, trains, canteens taken on our sector alone in that first day.
The poor Tommies were on our left and the French away down the on right I think we were holding a brigade front and this was the first time that the whole five Australian Divisions have been together in France.
The Tommies had a frightfully tough battle it was damned hard luck on them and we were held up at a place called Chapelly. We could look down and see the village smoking away it was infested with German machine guns. This meant we also came in for [indecipherable] firing all the rest of the day.
We had now taken up our abode in a 1914 trench.
After a few days we came only through miles of desolation for a brief spell

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