Scott diary, 23 October 1917-27 May 1918 with letter 5 November 1918 re experiences in France and the Battle of Amiens, 8 August 1918 / John Philipson Scott - Page 8

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but on second thoughts wont take it away as a souvenir its rather hot and heavy. It was a near go and would have smashed my face to pieces if it had been an inch closer.
All this little story is very old now and we have advanced miles and miles since then .One is jolly glad to be out of it. Yet at the same time whilst never wishing to see the line again as the news filters through to hospital of the men you have been friendly with and stood side by side for months or perhaps into years ,that they have been killed, ones heart fills with sadness and one has a hankering to be back over there with the boys once more. Whatever one may be in private live when you are in the line facing the same enemies near death & other horrors

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