Hyder's letter to his mother, written 27-28 July 1915 / Laurie E. Hyder - Page 12

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forward for about 3 miles, & dug our selves in,on Saturday morning we had to shift up near the firing line at 5.30 that night we made our advance at what a cost, we lost terribly heavy in both killed & wounded, we done our work advanced 1,300 yards & held our position, through that good bit of work we were called the white gurkhas we came out of the trenches on Tuesday morning & went back to our dugouts about 2 miles behind the firing line we were taken for a swim and while there the turks were firing Jack Johnsons onto the base where all the stores horses were, I saw a shell kill thirty horses, you can hear them coming a mile off but dont know where they are going to lob so you can imagine how we felt dodging these beauties. We were having dinner one day and the Turks started shelling our dugouts. They knocked our doctor over with one of them P Black. We got back to Gaba Lepa on Monday morning we could not go into the trenches until we received reinforcements; we were that cut up, 23 were left after that charge at C.Helles. I took sick a few days later, dissentry & rhumatics, terribly wet weather at the Dardenells, always raining went back to Lemnos, dissentry got better, sent to Cairo got tonsilitis going across in the boat, then got a bad back, then got sore eyes, then went dumb, I am before the board, but I will tell you how I got on about that later

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