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Luna Park
27th July

My Darling Mother,
I thought this a great opportunity to get a few lines to you, telling you some of my doings without having my letter sensored. First of all the chap that handed this to you is a personal friend of mine, his name is Charlie Copp, he was in the hospital with me, you need not read any more of this now till you have had a taught to him, finish reading it when he has gone.
He leaves in the morning for Australia.
Well Mother dear where shall I start, I think I will start from the time I left Mina camp to go to the Dardenells. Remember this starts on April 4th Now we pulled down our tents about 8 oclock on Sunday morning & got them rooled up & put on the transport, then had our kits packed also, they were going to be stored at Alexandra base. At 4 o'clock we were ready to march to Cairo, by 4.30 we were off, really off, it is 10 miles to Cairo from here so we got a steady walk on mind you we had all our kits on! They weigh no light weight, we had a little tea with us,so had that about 5.30 on the road. We had several halts on the road, & evidently reached Cairo station at a quarter to nine that night, there we bought cakes and drinks, & rested till 11 o'clock then we were entrained & set off for Alexandra at 11-30 reaching there at 5 o'clock on Monday morning, then embarked on the troopship Galeka at 6, we were shown our messes

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