Ward diary, 30 October 1917-16 January 1918 / Ernest Henry Ward - Page 7

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Dec. 9
Communion. Have lost my voice.

Dec. 10 & 11
Off parade – light duty.

Dec. 12
Getting better but quality of rations nauseating.

Dec. 13
Left Tingry with Lt. Mackenzie as advance party to Courset. H.Q. at Courset, Companies at Sacriquier. Not feeling too well so hired room – clean sheets & plenty of eiderdown quilts. Oh for peace!

Dec. 14
Bn. arrd. at 11.30. We had provided billets for everyone but the guard & I soon fixed 'em up. The Colonel was billetted at a Chateau owned by the Baron de Givenchy & has to take his boots off before going upstairs to his room! I have lived on the best for two days but the issue rations were awful.

Dec. 15
Mde. Fournier provided a fine breakfast this morning & I then adjusted the billetting claims. Started off to catch the battalion which had left earlier & was lucky enough to get a lift in a car to Blequin via Senleques. Walked to Ledeghem where I dined & then on to Vaudeghem, arriving half an hour before battalion. Chip potatoes for

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