Minahan diary, 1 January 1917-3 January 1918 / M. Minahan - Page 91

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1 Th March
Pay Day
Generals Murray Dobell Chetwode Chauvel visited front Line Galloped like Hell Taube over in dozens to protect G Murray Taube over just as G.M. arrived

2 Fri March
Taube over General Chetwode & Chauvel visited Rafa Tommie Generals beggars to Gallop. Mike got a hiding General visited tent camp
2nd Bgde captured 6 snipers Big Gun opened on them Rum Issue very small

3 Sat March
Moved camp from Sheikh Zawaied to the beach near the Med. Had a hard day shifting and lugging bivvie Taubes over Air Craft Guns arrived to night Mike very bad with colic Cigarette issue.

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