April                                                      4th Month 1881

18 MONDAY (108-257)
Easter Monday. Bank Holiday
[At home. frypan colect]
[G p]


19 TUESDAY (109-256)
Easter Tuesday
[G Prations, Sherwood Girl M Smith]
[G Sherwood meeting Corpu L Mc Donalds]
[election ph! Wardens Radcliffe Synods men]

20 WEDNESDAY (110-256)
Oxford Easter Term begins
[W Redhurst gives notice service sunday]
[Ackerley's & Wildachs M myths]
21 THURSDAY  (111-254)
[new moon] 9h 38m A.M.
Calender Rev. Jones.
W Gremmin Lew.

22 FRIDAY (112-253)
Cambridge Easter Term begins
M Brishem Mrs K.

23 SATURDAY (113-252)
St. George
Planlin peas. [can't read]
Sidney north [can't read] with [can't read]
[can't read]

24 Low SUNDAY (114-251)
AM. [can't read]. P.M. Mr Mc[can't read]. Evening Baptism [can't read]
To Roberts w Wildachs

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