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My Experiences as Prisoner of War in Turkey.

On 3rd August 1916 the Turks were advancing on the Suez Canal. They had reached a point two miles South of "Romani" which is 30 miles east of Suez Canal. The 1st Light Horse Bde, excepting the 1st Regiment here took up a position to check the advance. The Turks attacked at 11 o'clock that night, and the 1st Reg. was called upon to assist the Brigade.

Our troops were greatly outnumbered, and after severe fighting the order was given for the Bde. to retire about 7 a.m. During this retirement I was cut off from my Regt. by the fast following Turks, finally finding myself confronted by two huge Turks with fixed Bayonets. These greeted me with a prod in the ribs and informed me that I was a prisoner of war, and escorted me to the enemies Headquarters, some two or three miles behind their firing line. I was brought before the German General Von Gress G.O.C. Canal operations, who began a series of questions and cross questions regarding the numbers, Types and positions of our troops. I pleaded ignorance, stating I was a new Reinforcement having arrived there only the night before, for which good information I was cursed at, and spat upon by the Gentleman? himself, and ordered to be taken to a Turkish Depot some miles further back. On arrival I was told to sit down, was given a drink of salt water, later on being searched by a Turkish Officer who confiscated knifes, Photos, Watch, Pocket Wallet, Cigarettes, Pay Book, one or two articles of Clothing & spurs.

Throughout the day other prisoners arrived in the camp from various Regiments until we numbered nineteen, about 8 p.m. same evening. From here we began a tedious march across the Sinai Desert, reaching a spot about ten miles from where we were captured, where we heard that our troops were pushing the Turks back rapidly. This information caused our escorts much anxiety and

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