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it is admitted that the Drain in Question was not formerly under the jurisdiction of the Court of Sewers

That it was Act by the Company of Proprietary not as a Part of their navigation it not being Capable of   used for the purposes of Carrying [boats?] but intirely for the Purpose of Giving a Channell for the waters that Came from the Lands above the Town of Horncastle through Screens under the jurisdiction of the Court & which usd to Run through the Channell bed of the River Bane [Bain] where it was also under the Said [precedents?]

That it is not deemd or Considerd as a Part of the waters of the Company its Proprietors Either by them or by the [indecipherable] of Sewers or by any other person as is believd exeant by the [indecipherable] Deponent that an [unconcerned?] Court of Sewers Furnished in Consequence of the Petitions of persons where Lands were damaged by Floods in Consequence of this [indecipherable] of their drains not under the [indecipherable] of the Sewers  [acts?]  ] the wishes of the [horncastle?]

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