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Cases ot Title of the Common

Benson v Chester
Tait v Shelton & others
Scholes v Hargreaves

Proceedings respecting Title of the Fen //////

Scheme of a navigation from [Falsey?] to Louth
Jessop Report of the state of the Witham 1793.
Rennie Report on Do.1803 //////
-------- Report on Boston rivers 1800 //
Pocklington Report & Estimate on the Fen Drainage
[Elmheid?] opinion on the Fen Drainage
[Rilley?] Estimates &c for Witham navigation ///

Report on Deepening Drainage
-------   on Merston Drainage
Rennie Report of progress in EW & W Fen 1805 //////
Blighs Pamphlets /////

Current Status: