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I shall now proceed to refit with my utmost exertions and the ship is really much in want of it - caulking is the principal part except the upper works which is torn to pieces by the many seas that have been over us, but upon the whole she is as fine a little ship as ever was at sea. - I have suffered much fatigue, but I always thrive best when I have the most to do and I never was better in my life.-

I hope to sail from hence in about three weeks & if the weather will admit, to stop at New Zeland without much risk or loss of time, I shall stop at New Zeland & endeavor to get the flax plant, but I imagine that is not a sufficient object to delay time in my getting to Otaheite [Tahiti] as that is now become a serious point. - 

We have no English ships here but I am told a frigate left Table Bay a month since which I imagine was the Vestal. - I send this letter to the Bay from whence I hear a Ship is immediately to sail.- I shall write to you on my departure & you may depend Sir of hearing from me from every European Port.- 

Mr Brand resides here as Lieut  Governor & desired me to present his compliments to you.

I have only now Sir to send you my most sincere respects & by leave to subscribe myself
Dear Sir
Your most obliged and 
Very Hmble Servant -
Wm Bligh

Sir Joseph Banks Bart.

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