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At the same time the Board could not help feeling a just sense of Obligation on perceiving how strong an Enthusiast you have been in the Execution of his Majesty's benign Wishes for it was impossible not to observe in every part of your Ship the Disregard shewn to personal Convenience and the Attention and excellent contrivance, displayed in the Accommodation and preservation of your invaluable Cargo --

The Board will carefully represent all these Matters Home as also the Attention paid by your Botanists here and they present you their best thanks in the Name of their honorable Masters for your kind Exertions in every Instance to oblige them --

Copy of a Letter from Captn Blith dated 21 Decr 1792
to Mr. Brooke

Dear Sir

I thank you very sincerely for the Honorable marks of your Approbation you have this Moment given me the Indulgence to be accquainted with before they come publickly known to the World --

I assure you I shall always consider it as one of the Blessings of my Life to have been able to render any service to the Island St Helena under your Government which is well known to be replete with all the felicity that human Wisdom and Kindness can secure to it,

I am certain our good King will read with pleasure the gratitude you Express to Him and I shall not forget to return my public thanks to you and the Council on my receiving the honor you propose to do me --

I have the honor to be &c --

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