Account of the [Wangatta] [indecipherable] [indecipherable]  might contrast well with Fullers

Sydney April 1804

Dear Sir

By the Calcutta I received your favour of April 8th last  --- and am glad you have hitherto received Cayleys things in good order -  he sends you a Box now under Capt Lowriffs care,  I also send one with Two new Animals which I understand Mr  Brown has described to you Therefore I shall  not attempt it ---
The Extent of your Friend Flinders failure I dare say you are Informed of before now,  had he gone to sea again in The Investigator there is not a doubt but she would, lie [definite] [there] in the Deep --- this attempt to return in the cutter Cumberland I hope will be more successful than that in the porpoise But could it be expected to keep

[there is an X in the left margin on the third line of the letter next to the word 'good']

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