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quarrelled with each Six of them left the Vessell & went on shore while the others consisting of Twelve remained aboard the Schooner.  A Whaler soon after came in - when the Six onshore joind interest with those afloat to seize on the Inspector So Whaler.  It soon came to Tipahés knowledge as some of his subjects  were prevailed upon to join the pirates, which Tipahé encouaged, & with much addoes sized on the Schooner which had Four Guns while the attack was making on the Ship, those belonging to the Ship were sufficiently prepared by consequences of being named by Tipahé in Short the attack failed, & the Pirates were dismissed under a promise of leaving the Bay the Next Day, but Tipahé did not chose to give up the Six that had taken refuge onshore but Claimd them & the Master of the Whaler readily agreed to give them up.  As this piratical Attempt was regarded by His Majesty in a very different point of View to the Crime of Stealing a piece of Pork, he hung the Whole Six, And  desired the Captain of the Whaler to tell King George & Governor King what he had done.  I was sure they would approve of it.

I desired the Capt to write one [indecipherable] of the above & that I should further desire him to attest it before the Magistrate - as [indeipherable] three.  Should you wish any information on the subject before I return to town, the following is the direction of the Captain who will

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