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quarrelled with each Six of them left the Vessell & went onshore while the others consisting of Twelve remained aboard the Schooner. A Whaler seen after came in - when the Six onshore [indecipherable] interest with three afloat to seize on the Inspector [indecipherable] Whaler - It is [indecipherable] [indecipherable] to Tifahés knowledge as some of his subjects here [indecipherable] [indecipherable] to join the pirates, which Tifahé [indecipherable], & with much addoes sized on the Selonir which had Their furs while the attach has [indecipherable] on the Ship, those belonging to the ship were [indecipherable] prepared [indecipherable] [indecipherable] [indecipherable] of being named by Tifahé in [indecipherable] the attack failied - & the Pirates were dismissed under [indecipherable] of leaving the Bay the Next Day, but Tipahé did not chose to give up the Six that had taken refuge onshore but Claimed them & the Master of the Whaler readily agreed to give them up - As this practical Attempt has [indecipherable] His Majesty in any different point of View to the Crime of Stealing a piece of Pork, he hung the Whole Six, and [indecipherable] the Captain of the Whaler to tell King George & Governor King what he had done - I was sure they would approve of it

I desired the Capt to write [indecipherable] our of Nanatiu of the V & these Islands for the [indecipherable] him to attest it before the Majistrate - 

  any information on the subject before I return to town - the [indecipherable] is the district of the Captain who will

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