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an answer;  and his delay was the reason of my not writing you sooner.  At last I have settled with him for 200 livres yearly, which is little more than 8 guineas.  I hope you will think it reasonable, and doubt not but he will serve you attentively and honestly.  He told me that he expected soon to send you some things, and that he would then transmit you his account, in which I suppose he will include the gratification.

I need not tell you, Sir Joseph, how much I was shocked at the illiberal attack made on you last year, by some members of the royal society.  I never doubted of your being able triumphantly to vindicate your conduct, against their invidious and false aspersions expressions.  Indeed the impartial account, given by Dr. Kippis of this dispute, must satisfy the mind of every candid person who reads it.  I have shown this publication to several of my acquaintances here and they all approve of it.  I flatter myself, that for the honor of our country, nothing of this kind will again happen.  And may you long live, and, for the benefit of mankind, preside over that illustrious and useful society!

An attack of the gout has confined me to my room almost three months.  I have now got the better of it, but my feet are still weak.  I

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