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Paris, February 20th, 1785.

Dear Sir,

I duly received the letters of the 10th December and the 8th instant, with which you were pleased to honor me.  Although I have been long of acknowledging the receipt of the former, I lost no time to communicate to M. Pissot what regarded him.  He likewise showed me your letter to him, in which you desired him to renew the subscriptions for all the Journals, you had from hence last year, except Les affiches & annonces de Paris.  In consequence of which he left out that paper, and subscribed for all the others at the proper time.  I am not therefore surprised that you receive the Journal de Paris, since you did not except it, but only Les Affiches & annonces.  The other Journals which you had not received for this year, probably had not been published till the beginning of February.  However if any mistake has happened you have only to write to M. Pissot, who will go immediately to the bureau, and have it corrected.  I desired him to name a gratification for his trouble in subscribing &c. for these Journals, which you wished reasonably to give him.  He long delay'd returning me an

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