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      25 "Triumph" torpedoed.     Watch her sink from B.H.Q.
      26 Relieve 3rd Regt on Popes Hill.
      27 Popes Hill.
      28 Popes Hill
      29 Popes Hill. Turks blow up Quinns Post
      30 Popes Hill. Successful sortie from Quinns.
      31 Popes Hill
June 1 Popes Hill
          2 Relieved by 1st Regt. Bivouac in Shrapnel Gully.
          3 Quiet day.
          4 Quiet. Heavy firing at Cape Hellas.
          5 Letter from home.
          6 Various fatigues. ["Various fatigues and swimming parades" is noted for June 6 to June 13 incl.]
      10 Bread introduced.

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