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July 2 Fatigues
      3 Cossack Post.
      4 Cossack Post again.
      5 Fatigues.
      6 Cossack Post
      7 Relieve 3rd Regt. Popes Hill.
      8 Popes Hill
      9 Popes Hill
      10 Popes Hill
      11 Popes Hill Transfer to C. sqn sigs.
      12 Achi Baba heavily bombarded by navy. Turks put big shells into Courtneys.
      13 Courtneys still heavily shelled.
      14 Relieved from Popes Hill by 1st Regt. Our reinforcements arrive at last.
      15 Visit 9th Bat. on right.
      16 Quiet
      17 Quiet
      18 Two letters from home.
      19 and 20 Spasmodic bombardment down South.

Current Status: