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Lieut. Taylor joined the company. On conclusion of this period the Company went back on to back area work, repairing huts and stables, with a platoon repairing forward plank roads. This work also lasted 20 days, during which time a large party was also employed on a large relief map of area in front of Messines towards Comines. On 1/9/17 the battalion moved back to Wavrans for training for further operations at Ypres. Lt. Wegener joined the Company.

On 26/9/17 the Company moved by a 3 days route march to Winizeele, and then by motor lorries to Ypres (South Camp) arriving there on 1/10/17.

Lt. Taylor transferred to B.H.Q. Lieuts. Barnden and Foote were transferred to 'D' Coy and Lieuts. Rowan and Finch joined 'B' Coy.

We took over from K.R.R. Pioneers, and at once commenced a task of preparing and marking a track for use as an approach route to assembly position of 10th Infantry Brigade. This work was well done at short notice, and guides were furnished to take Infantry Brigades to their tapes. Good work was done by Capt. Toone in charge of guides and he was recommended for M.C. unsuccessfully, and. The Brigadier General expressed himself as very pleased with the work carried out by the Company. This work included keeping open four bridges over a morass close to enemy positions, and on which the success of march to a large extent depended. Sergt. Lee and a party carried out this work excellently. Sergt. Lee, Pts. Smith and Collins received the M.M. for their work.

On the 4th of October the company had to extend and mark 'K' track on towards the new line. Very heavy fire was met at morass crossings and up the first ridge. Lieut. Rowan and Pte. Randall did specially good work and were unsuccessfully recommended for decorations mentioned to B.H.Q. The track was reconnoitred forward to the new lines, but our work on it was discontinued after the 5th instant. On the 5th instant two platoons continued the track past Springfield and connected with a new track formed by the Infantry. These Platoons also put a duck board crossing over a second morass East of Springfield.

Sergt. Gilbert was in charge of a party of guides for 66th English Division on the night of 9/10/17. His work was excellent and he received the D.C.M.

From the 6th October to the 20th October the Company was employed on repairing old and building new roads for moving the guns forward. A shortage in material made this work very difficult and unsatisfactory. Much bombing of roads and camps by enemy planes while at Ypres. Ypres town was spasmodically shelled by day and night. The long walk of about 8 miles to work and the same back over very bad roads and tracks tired the men very much.

On 21/10/17 the Company returned with the battalion to Wavrans, remaining there on training until 8/11/17. Some good practice in bridging was carried out during this training. Lieut. Wegener left for England on command, Gen. list, H.A.T. Group on 6/11/17.

Orders were issued on 5/11/17 for movement of unit back to line.

Lieut. McConnell rejoined from England and Lt. Corin was boarded and pronounced unfit for service in the field and returned to the Base.

On 8/11/17 the Battalion left for Nieppe to work in Ploegsteert Wood and Le Toquet sector. The battalion relieved the 8th Divisional Pioneers, 22nd D.L.I. The Company being due for back area work were distributed on various works, such as repairs to hospital, laundry, stables, billets etc. On about 24/11/17 two Platoons were detached to repair and maintain two main roads – Motor Car Corner – Frelinghiem [Frelingheim] and Ash Av. from Le Rossignol forward towards refinery. This work consisted for the most part in patching and repairing shell holes and was a fairly quiet job. C.Q.M.S. Upfold was promoted to R.Q.M.S. and Sergt Cations of Hqrs. took his place as C.Q.M.S.

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