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The two platoons North of the River met very heavy resistance from M.G.s and Snipers but were able to push on in touch with D Coy on their left, and eventually, in touch with this company, caused the evacuation of the Village of Tincourt. In the meantime one platoon had crossed the river and swamps waist deep in water and arrived at a position about 1000 yards in advance of the line on the South of the River. They also met fire but pushed on and lay up well forward until about 3 p.m. At this time their presence caused the enemy to begin evacuating the little copses and the village of Boucly. The platoon at once moved forward another 1000 yards to the village of Boucly and harassed the enemy and hastened his retreat. By this time the whole line in this area could have moved forward 1500 yards to that night's objective but owing to the right flank being unable to come up as its flank was already in the air, the move forward did not take place, and the advanced platoon was withdrawn to the general line before dark. On that night infantry passed through us to a further advance, and we became with the battalion, portion of the main guard following up and keeping touch with the vanguard.

[Comment in margin] The Coy supplied 3 liaison posts with Right Division.

We were relieved on the morning of the 9th Sept. and went back to hutment billets at Buire sur Cologne. No. 5, 7 and 8 were engaged under pretty heavy fire and the whole company did good solid infantry work. Excellent work was done by Lieuts. Heard and Allen also Sgt. Hudson, Hughes, Cpl. Cane, M., Pte. Williams, M., Seccombe, Keeley and several others. It is hard to pick out special names when all the boys did well. Corpl. Cane and four men were employed as forward scouts during the advance under Lieut. Russell and were reported as having done excellent work. Lieut. Allan, Heard, Pte. Seccombe, M.M., Barrie, M.M., and Keeley, M.M., were mentioned to B.H.Q. for their work.

The company settled down at Buire and commenced training on 11/9/18.

Capt. J.A.E. Toone was killed on 6/9/18. C.S.M. Fletcher promoted 2nd Lieut. & transferred to "A" Coy. 2nd Lt. Horder transferred from "A" Coy to "B" Coy.

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