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& was very painful, so I saw the Dr. who put it down to rheumatism & told me I had better go through the Field Ambulance to go back by train, as no sick men were allowed to travel back without going through the Ambulance, at 3 oclock I found myself in the 1st L.H.F.A. who were packing up to move & at 4 oclock was taken to the 3rd Clearance Station on a sand cart with Hughie Harris, here we were put in a large tent on good beds & found Grainger & Nowland with us they were admitted yesterday; There are 10 of us in the tent & a merry lot, get very good attention; the Dr came around at 6 oclock & I had hot fomentations on my foot; Nowland was thrown off a mule a couple of nights ago & has a bad leg.

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