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Sat 18th
Lasts night an order came out stating what Squadron was to water first, second & last, nothing was said about Head Qrs, & the R.S.M. told me to get in where I could & if we were first down to the trough we water first; Reveille here at 5 oclock & stables at 5.45, I got the H.Q men away early but they did not go far before Lieut Blackett halted them for a few minutes, & then the Orderly Sergt. stopped them & told them to water after B. Sqdn; Smelt an argument at mid-day stables & decided to go down myself; We were first to water with B Sqdn right on us. the Orderly Sergt (Reid) pulled us up & said we follow B Sqdn, I told him he was out of order & had a very enjoyable

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