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[Page 95]

Saturday 5 April 1919
I do hope Joe can meet Dolly in case I do go on to Sydney – if I do go Sydney will send Dolly's luggage by Permanent Weight & direct to D'quin & if Dolly does not wait but goes home with Joe, send a wire to C/- Wilkinson & Lavender, Sydney, then I would not go Melbourne.
Love, Frank.

[Transcriber's notes:
Beirut – misspelt as Beiyrut – Page 6
Mediterranean – misspelt as Mediteranean – Page 24
Neby Musa – sometimes spelt Nebi Musa – Page 13
Sinai – misspelt as Sinia – Page 9
Pourboire – drink money – Page 23
N.Z.M.R. – possibly New Zealand Mounted Rifles – Page 26
R.E. – Royal Engineers – Page 14
R.F.A. – Royal Field Artillery – Page 4]

[Transcribed by Judy Gimbert for the State Library of New South Wales]

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