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[Transcriber's note: This is the fifth diary of Major Frank Valentine Weir of the 1st Light Horse Regiment. The diary, beginning on New Year's Day 1919, describes his duties in the Sinai Peninsula and his various visits to Cairo, where his wife and baby daughter are staying prior to leaving to live in Australia. As in his other diaries, his entries are written as letters home to his mother and family. During this time he is organising the return of his troops to Australia and is also writing the war history of his Regiment. He embarked at Kantara on the S.S. Ulimaroa on 13 March 1919 for his return to Australia. At the same time, his wife, Dolly, sailed on the Derbyshire. The diary concludes on 5 April 1919 just before his arrival home. He was discharged on 21 June 1919.]

Wednesday, Jany. 1st 1919
New Years Day in the Field again. I am on duty as Field Officer. We have several football matches going & Mrs. Chisholm's Tea!!! Buffet is coming. All ranks had 2 bottles Beer per man.
Nowell did not go to France but on the Western front here Sollum – it was my mistake – Cath Fetherston-hough are taking the wife to dinner today. I am so glad as the wee girl would have been alone. Damn General Cox for turning down my leave is my very bad wish on the New Year but it was inconsiderate & cruel.
Love to all at home
Your son.

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