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on 2 wheels and is connected by trail hook & eye to cooker. 2 hooks in front officer's dixies                                             Cooker 5 boiler 4 for cooking food one with tap for water only. Thus being able to keep supply hot water. Boiler only removed for cleaning. Each boiler fitted with splash plate           8 gallon firebox in rear fuel box in side Smoke stack in centre. Lifting rod for boilers Fire rake on off side. 2 breaks.                capacity 252 to 260 men when loaded 24 hrs rations for 252 men total weight 37¾ cwts. Utensils 2 hand bowls fitted in Leather Wallet 1 butchers cleaver 1 saw 1 canvas Holdall          6 Butch-Knives 6 tin openers 1 felling axe 1 spade 1 pick.

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