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25 September 1918 Wednesday
Amman 5 1 99 114 + 10 {[indecipherable] Sigs AMC
Moved on at 0600 with Goggly Wogs (British West Indians) & Jew boys in support as infantry- former very pleased with themselves, they speak good English & called themselves Black Anzacs- The climate is beautiful in these Hills of MOAB- attacked AMMAN at 3 p.m. & our Regiment captured 4 3 6 inch Howitzers one 77" gun, much ammunition 2 Motor Lorrys 1 Motor Car 10 Wagons, 100 prisoners etc etc the Anzac Div getting many Held outpost line & every Bedouin proclaims himself one of the HEDJAZ men, & are having a great time among the loot

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