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[Page 121]

30 April 1918 Tuesday
5+ 103= 108 115 Riding + 11= 126
9 Packsaddles ([indecipherable] 12)
2 Surplus =5 Officer Rations 1 Q.M. 1 Spare
9=9 29 + 4 donks =33
+1 = 10 30 +4 donks = 34
Same old thing, march all night, fight at dawn, then lie & be shelled all day till one gets a headache-
I posted you last few pages & I don't want to be found with any writing on me-
Very hot in Jordan Valley now
We don't know how long we are to be out on this stunt but the men want a Spell-
Left a Squadron in position marched all night to E. S---T
Ere sundown the two Australian Divisions may have accounted for a large numbers of Turks, front line of Battle, Cables will tell you.

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