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[Page 91]

Saturday 31 March 1917

Inoculated again for Cholera. I would like to look up Diary & see how many punctures that makes!

Last night some men got some of the B.W.I. (British West Indians) who are camped near to BOX in the Y.M.C.A. Tent, they looked like shining ebony ponies alongside our big fellows & they had no idea of boxing HIT, KICK, & wrestle – most amusing – Y.M.C.A. one of the best institutions out here – makes men write letters home by supplying all necessary stationery etc. & keeps them away from WET CANTEEN.

[The following paragraph crossed through.] 1200/-/- Pay for the Reg. has just been dumped in my Tent in a sandbag – all paper money these days.

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