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Monday, 8 January 1917

Real Riverina winter's day.

Bombed during day – 22 Killed, 15 wounded out of Egyptian Labor Corps & a few horses – 2 L.H. At 9 o'clock last night 4 TAUBES came over in the moonlight & dropped 40 odd bombs & played their machine guns on us. I don't know results yet but they rattled about our Bivouacs & yet we are told we have the supreme say in the air. Uncanny at night one Officer called out LIE down & inadvertently dropped into a Bucket of Water.

Going out tonight on our postponed Stunt, should be a good scrap.

A Bedouin Dog stole our Bacon, that is worse or as bad as a Taube. Bivouaced at Sheik Zowabin.

Current Status: