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Jan. 11 Mon.
Now extremely dark at Reveille (6 a.m.)
My rising time is about 6.30. I can just be on parade at 7. Physical drill this morning.
Very fine sunrise showing a ship following us on horizon. Great volcanic peaks close in on each side of us; very pretty with sun on them.
P. & O. Malwa overtook and passed us at 8.30 a.m. doing some sem. signalling which I read.
Entered Gulf of Suez early morning with lighthouse 120 ft. in height on Island of Shadwan near.
All the way up the Gulf lighthouses stationed at regular intervals. Water beautifully smooth right through – lovely sunset – Arrived at Suez at 9 p.m.
Near Zenobia Lightship (2 miles from Suez).
Israelites supposed to have crossed Red Sea called by Arabs "Abu Darrey".

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