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May. 22 Sat.
Pretty warm to-day.
Our Daily Parade State of the Unit shows 8 Officers, 41 N.C.Os. & men away on duty on Troopships etc.; 8 Officers, 31 Nurses & 84 others at Gezira; 6 Officers, 21 Nurses, & 51 others at Mena. At Gezira we have 52 Natives working & also an infantry guard of 16.
Spent my first second afternoon (first at Alexandria) with a Troop of Scouts since leaving Sydney - in the Y.M.C.A. sports grounds at Gezira.
Moored to the banks of the Nile are a number of old steamers used as House boats by English people & others during the hot months.
From 8.30 to 10.30 was on the Nile with a Patrol Leader in a Marakeb (Arabic for boat). It was fine.

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