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In the days that are to come

We've left our dear old homeland,
Our parents, sweethearts, all,
We could not stay while every day,
Would see our comrades fall
The glorious ambition,
Which spares not friend or foe
Has dared our might, so now to fight
Australians all, we go

So farewell my sunny land
And farewell love to you
On land or sea, it seems to me
I see your eyes of blue.
But though my country claims my heart
And lives maybe of some
There's a happy day not far away
In the days that are to come

There's times when hearts are burdened
And fortune seems unkind
And memorys bring a cruel sting
To every anxious mind
"Tis you who fight the battle
Who watch and wait and pray
And so for you we'll dare & do
Until the happy day.

S Young

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