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And bravely though our boys did toil to nobly win the day
The odds were with the dreadnoughts of the foe
They little knew that retribution hurried on the way
Till part of Britain's first line let them know

They came and joined our cruisers and commenced to pour in shells
And at once the Germans doubled back for Keil
They could hold their own with cruisers & the children of the fleet
But the fury of our first line made them reel

They blew the Huns to pieces as they fled towards their home
And 18 ships were sunk beneath the wave
They won't come out again to try conclusions on the sea
The perils of our battleships to brave

So once again old England's proved "Brittania rules the waves"
And let the Germans try as best they can
They'll find Brittania's might is opposed to German spite
And as able to defeat her on the land

S Young

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