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September, 1915
Tuesday 28
After bath, he put on silk robe & was given a bunch of flowers with 3 lighted candles in each, preceeded by a many colored lantern, the crowd proceeded thro' village – on return we were invited to Rice, Dates, boiled goat & a sort of Farina – no plates, each person cut in with a spoon. The Bridegroom was about 30, the Bride 14 & the parents had to prove she was a virgin like in Jewish ceremonies. The most objectionable part was the [indecipherable] murmur of Backsheesh gib it Backsheesh.
I hope they live happy ever after but the chances are the little bride will be wrapped away or replaced by No. 2 or No. 3 ere many months. I believe she cost 250 piastres or 2/10/-

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