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or other matter that may make a Noise the Kangooroo gets up immediately & making a few springs, stops, & listens - it is then that the Dog stopping that he may not be perceived by his adversary & squatting close down till not hearing the Kangooroo browse the grass, he gets up & going softly behind him springs upon him when at 3 or 4 paces distant & seizes him by the Throat & never quits hold till its dead - they go commonly 2 or 3 together in Chase, & what is very remarkable is that they are never torn by the Kangooroo & that our Dogs are often ript up & badly torn & that ​when tho' they run much slower than our Dogs they much seldomer lose their Prey.

Having past Carabily we killed a Kangooroo which might weigh 60 pounds; it gave us great Sport - half an hour after having entered a Vale we had the pleasure to see a herd of 162 wild Bullocks that grazed quietly, they did not perceive us till we were quite near, when they regaled us with harsh Music & formed in line of Battle & charged upon us in good Order; but when within 8 or 10 paces of us they halted.  We pursued them bawling out for a quarter of a Mile, &, ceasing to cry out one of them making a half turn to the right they all followed his example in an instant & came upon us in their turn, bellowing to each other, when almost instantly arrived a reinforcement of 20 Bulls & Cows running towards us, to join the rest that remained firm at their Post.  We left the field of Battle that they might pass freely & for fear of accident, & ran towards the Carriage - the whole herd united pursued us within 20 paces of the Carriage that we had placed behind us & stopping suddenly, seeing with​ being satisfied that we need not much fear them & seeing our two Bullocks were not afraid of them, we charged upon them once more to force a passage thro them & ordering the Convoy to pass in front & regain the heights  We

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