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his Station with his Weapons of War & a handful of lighted bark of a Tree each one places the sets the grass on fire before him & when the Circle is formed each one follows it, keeping always his ​place Station & the Lance ​poised​ rested making all the Noise possible in holloring till the Circle being diminished more & more they find themselves near each other.  The Kangooroos that find themselves surrounded & inclosed spring out on one side & the other & burning their feet in passing thro the fire are forced to reenter the enclosure till finding themselves too cooped  closely  shut up in the enclosure by the fire, not being able longer to resist, they take flight in different directions & the Natives who see them, come to them crying out which terrifies them in such sort that they run round the Circle seeking a way out, & during this time each one throws a Lance at that one that comes before him, & commonly none escape, & if the chase is successful they Drop the whole in different fires without taking off the Skin, or removing the Entrails, & cut them up with their hatchets into Pieces when roasted, & to divide it.

The Wild Dogs are very destructive to the breed of Kangooroo's, they are here very numerous - they add to the cunning & craftiness of the Fox. The ferocity of the Wolf - when they find the scent  track of the Kangooroo they follow it​ the print of the foot with the greatest patience & do not quit the track they have gone till they scent or see them, then they [blank space] not making more noise than a Cat but should they [blank space] place a foot on a dry branch   

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