Sherwood Scrubs
                                         22 March 1869
Mt dear Hassall,
I received your letter of the 16th last and I am happy to say that following out my intention of preventing delay I have now [indecipherable] a stack of pipes on hand , that I can send you at once all you require.
I shall send to the Railway this day (Monday).
1000 - 1 1/2 inch pipes
500 - 3 inch pipes
I shall send 3 inch in preference to 2 in. as you have given me a [good?] discretion in the exercise of which I send the larger size as I am sadly afraid the 2 inch would not be large enough for the purposes for which you require them.
When you lay the 3 inch as they are [indecipherable] sewage [indecipherable] the grounds with well worked clay & see that the bed at the bottom of the excavations are well labelled before the pipes are laid. Put a light layer of gravel over the pipes intended to drain the [land?].
I expect the pipes will go to Mittagong tonight but at the latest on Tuesday. I will send a few over in case of breakage. Below are the charges you asked for.
Yours sincerely
1000 - 1 1/2 inch pipes


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