Sydney 5 Aug. 1822

Dear Sir,
          As I cannot but think you are unconscious of the tenor of your own note of the 2nd inst ( recd on Saturday night) I return a copy for your reperusal.
          At the same time I beg to remind you that though you did certainly reject the offer of my mare on your first landing yet, the day after, your servant came with a written memorandum from you to request the loan of her - on the strength of this she was delivered with her saddle etc into his care - after some days she was returned, as I had requested, to Capt. [undeciphered]'s farm  but without notice or intimation to me;  the saddle also was not with her, of which I was only very lately informed - 
          Under these circumstances your note, [undeciphered], has a good deal surprised me -
Yours [obedtly]

                    T C Harington

The Revd. Thos. Hassall.

Current Status: 
Ready for review