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Now if he had a mind to establish himself here, it would be easy for him to exhibit his abilities to such advantage as would soon procure him the Station of a Professor of Physic;  since Recommendations, if needful, for that promotion, would not be wanting.  But being only 24 years of age he feels a Disinclination as yet to be fixed and confined;  and is desirous to travel to different parts, particularly for enlarging his knowledge of Natural History, his favorite Study.  For this purpose nothing would prove more acceptable to him than being favoured with an opportunity for visiting the East Indies or Eastern parts, and be supplied with the means necessary thereto.  In case some learned Gentlemen in England were to be sent out to make discoveries, Mr. Schulze could be well recommended as a useful Companion, being well skilled in the English & French Language, also in drawing and painting and Chymical [chemical] operations.

Mr Schulze
Dr. Saltern must be rememberd

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