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Course by Capt Hudeland  of the  N W Coast of  Scotland & the adjacent Islands has detected Several  I have been told that Gross Errors have been detected in the Surveys of  these parts further Coasts of this Island formerly made at the expense of Government & under the orders of the admiralty    had the Person employed in that Service been furnishd with instructions similar to these I have the honor  to enclose to your Lordship he would probably have been more carefull in the Construction of his Charts as he would have known that his map was subject to an verification examination in the closest whenever it was suspected and   at all events the difference between him and Capt Hudeland  those who have criticised his Charts would have been brought to the Proof as matters are now circumstanced the Charts have no Collateral  at present as Capt Hadelands Character for   Evidence to Support them which the Surveying Work would have furnishd   Nautical knowledge Stands very high   the Value & there is much reason to believe of the admiralty surveys which have at Large expence been continued along a Considerable portion of the northest Coast of Britain must have fallen into great Some degree of disrepute
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I must apologise to your Lordship in having spent so much time in obeying your orders on this subject but in truth as I have not made unnecessary delay I trust I shall be forgiven, the subject ran into a Length I did not in the beginning expect & as I am not sufficiently versd in the  Practicl part of the business of surveying

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