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all the modern improvements of navigation  in its improved state no sooner that is made will Long remain undetected

To Fulfill the Surveyor's instructions with the utmost minuteness will add  Scarce any  thing  little or nothing to the duty  business imposd upon the Commander by his other orders he is indeed directed to keep a Book in a Form different from that he otherwise would have done but  he is used to probably not in a less Commodious one but every remark he is to write in that book he ought to write down in one book or other if he  means to Carry must of necessity make & write down in somewhere else if he best met their wishes if he had it met  in his Survey is Conducted with any degree of accuracy  precision with that

The difference to  benefit Government will derive from in the this mode of executing of  the business will be is that the employment of Conjecture will be all but impossible; to make the book & the map appear in their Statement of the Situation of a Land a part of the Coast that had   that has not been  been surveyed would be  will always be a matter of Some trouble of much difficulty but as it is impossible such a Coincidence can happen by chance their agreement wodill preclude all possibility of the Commanders having made a mistake any difference therefore that is hereafter Observd between the [two] the Chart & the Coast will if Carry with it  in evidence of  so clear a Conviction of willfull falsehood [this?] Statement which   as no one would choose  Person who has any regard for his Character will choose to risk undergo  run the Risk if so easy a detection

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am informed  have often been told that the survey Lately made under the by direction of the Fishery

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