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endeavour to fall in with him there or else where in the Sandwich Islands, where Cap.t Vancouver proposes to pass the winter.

last paragraph (If either Capt Vancouver or Lt. Hengest during their continuance on the American Coast should meet with any of the Chinese who were engaged by Mr [Meares?], and his associates, or any of His Majesty's subjects who may have been in captivity, they are to be directed to receive them on board and to accommodate them in the best manner they may be able until such time as opportunity may be found of sending them to the different places to which they may be desirous of being conveyed)

     As the Dadalus after this service shall have been performed is intended to be employed in N S Wales under the orders of Governor Phillip, it will be proper that Your Lordships should direct Cap. Vancouver not to detain her at Nootka or at the Sandwich Islands,

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