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Ships employed on the said Coast, he is to afford to the Officer commanding such Ships every possible degree of Assistance and information, and he is to offer to him that they should make to each other reciprocally a free and unreserved communication of all plans and Charts of Discoveries made by them during their respective Voyages.

He is also to be particularly enjoined to treat in the most friendly manner the subjects or Vessels of any other power or State, or any of the Native Indians which he may happen to meet with, and to be careful not to do any thing which may give occasion to any interruption of that peace, which now happily subsists between His Majesty and all other powers.

     Your Lordships will likewise instruct. W. Hergest on no account whatsoever to touch at any port on the Continent of America to the Southward of the Lat of 30º Nº.

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