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never given to me

I am therefore to request that you will be so good as to leave a Line upon the subject at the office which I conclude you will not think unreasonable since the money was advancd under your sole authority you only can be my voucher for its repayment & as you only knew the [indecipherable] I have had arranging the outfit of the ships you can only estimate the goodness of the claim I make to these papers as they also are & are also the only person privy to the repeated promises you made me that they should be given to me. 

I sincerely wish you a good voyage & a thorough reestablishment of health which I think very likely to take Place as relaxation alone seems to be the thing wanting to restore you to your Friends.  I shall look in upon you on your return to find whether as I suspect your ill health only was the cause of my being struck off the list in which I shall if I find that to be the case​ my opinion justified be ready to reassume my state as I am with real esteem & regard.

admitting by that​ so doing the claim I made to the [indecipherable] if there any matters likely to be of

P.S.  You have a Letter of mine of the 11 July on this subject which you have never answerd.

[This letter was probably addressed to Evan Nepean as were all applications for reimbursements]

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