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Novr. 10, 1791

My Dear Sir, 

As I find by the Refusal I met with from your servant when I called by your house the other day that I have no more chance of seeing you before your departure for the West Indies than any other of your common acquaintances and as I find also that you look upon visits  from Persons who have no particular claims to your friendship intimacy as [indecipherable] only & guard against them. as such  Accordingly I am under the necessity of troubling you with this, to remind you that on the 20 of August last after having repeatedly called at your office without being fortunate enough to meet with you I left with Mr Pollock an acct. a  bill of £150.18.4½  [see Series 53.09] for moneys paid by me on account of the outfit of the Bounty​ Providence [Bligh's second voyage] and another of £15.18.3 for Plants Purchased for the [Guardia?] which last bill I had before delivered to yourself on the 24th of Aug.t 1789, as also that the Papers relative to the outfit of the discovery [Vancouver's expedition] viz. the instructions given to the Botanist & those that were given to the Commander respecting his conduct towards & the proportion of assistance he was ordered directed to give to the said Botanist which you prepared​ have never been given to him tho you promised I I should have them & which will be essentially useful to me if the  difference which existed between these gentlemen when they went to sea should continue during their voyage. were​  


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