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A  Catalogue of Plants brought from Otaheids by his Majesty's Ship Providence Sep.24th.1793

Bread Fruit 60 planted out in the Garden thriving luxuriantly many about 5 feet high
Ayyah 30 planted in the Garden thriving  
Battah 15 Do Do  
Avse 6 Do Do  
Oraiah 3 Do luxuriant  
Do St Helena 3 Do Do  
Cocco Nut Othe 4 do do  
Mango 15 Do Do  
Jamblang 7 Do Do increas'd from Cuttings
Jambo viamvah 5 Do Do Do
Jambo maree 9 Do Do Do
Pecah 6 Do Do  
Blimbing 2 Do Do  
Chermailah 3 Do Do Do
Lemon China 3 producing flowers & seeds Do  
Cosambee 1 Do thriving  
Seere Boah 2 )    
. . .      doron 2 )pipers increas'd considerably  
Peenang 4 thriving    
Nanka 30 planted in the Garden thriving  
Dangreedah 1 Do increas'd  
Bughnach Banangah 3   thriving  
Ettow )
planted increas'd & in fruit.  


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